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Plane Peeves

Like many folks in software, I do a shit ton of traveling – not exactly sure what that equates to in the metric system…  My plane peeves:

  • Why in the Lord’s name are the airline speaker announcements at like 140 decibels? Is it really necessary to have it be that loud? I’m fairly confident that even deaf people could comprehend them simply by the level of cabin vibration they create.
  • People who take 15 minutes to put their luggage away and don’t seem to give a crap about/notice the 40 people behind them… I call them “Me-anderthals.”
  • People who bring a picnic on the plane; how nice that mom made you a tuna sandwich.
  • Guys only: You’re allotted time in the airplane bathroom is 60 seconds, not 60 minutes…
  • No matter how many times they attempt to bend the laws of physics, they just can’t understand why their golf-cart sized bag doesn’t fit in the overhead compartment.
  • The person who complains about the food or drinks like we’re at a 4-star restaurant. We’re in a freaking aluminum tube, going 550 MPH, with internet, breathable air, and cushy seat – stop bitching!
  • When it’s their turn to de-board, now begin to organize their stuff. What, you didn’t realize we landed?
  • Why do they tell us, “In case of an emergency, put your mask on first”. Ummm yea, I think damn near everyone on the plane was already planning on doing that.

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